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How To Use The Goggles

Plug in:


  • From monitor out on dbicscannerpc to "Right Eye" on lumina box (this cord is coming up below the wall-mounted monitor)
  • From visuastim controller in cabinet to "VGA out to rear projector" on lumina box (this cord should be to the right of the visuastim controller, and needs a 3 row by 5 pin female to male gender changer)
  • from the 2 tseports (make sure R and L is correct) to "pin mapped" on lumina box (this cord should be in the tselaptop bag)
  • from ethernet router to tselaptop (the router and cables should be on the floor, everything already plugged in except this connection)
  • power cord for tselaptop (this cord should be in the tselaptop bag)
  • the powersupply to the panel in the back room – this should always be plugged in)


  • monitor cable from monitor out on the presentation computer to "Right Eye"
  • attached cord from the visuastim controller to "VGA out to rear projector"
  • Lab-specific method of getting buttonpress data/triggers

For TSELAB: Turn things on in this order

  • dbicscannerpc
  • tselaptop (or whatever stimulus presentation computer is being used)
  • the goggle powersupply in the back room

-the 3 numbers should be approximately 8, 8, and 20

  • once everything is plugged in and started up, turn on visuastim controller (power button on back left)

-the "monitor input" should be on "Right". If it's not, press the button to toggle. If it doesn't give you Right as an option, turn off the visuastim controller, check that everything else is plugged in and turned on correctly, and turn it on again, as it sometimes won’t recognize things started up after it is turned on.

Common problems:

  • All triggers send at once at the very beginning of the experiment
    • check that the grounding wire on top of the lumina box is still attached/intact
  • there is noise in the goggles
    • check the grounding wire in the back room from the panel to the outlet
  • there is only input to one eye
    • there is a controller console for the visuastim controller on the counter (it says "RESONANCE TECHNOLOGY" in blue when the it’s on). Press the rightmost of the four buttons to open the menu, and scroll to Video Mode. It should be (somewhat counterintuitively) on MONO-R. If it is not, press the button again and scroll until it says that, then press the button again. You don't need to quit out of the menu.
  • the goggles turn off in the middle of scanning people
    • for unknown reasons, the visuastim controller doesn't like being on for long periods of time, and if it is, it will decide to turn off the goggles after a while. To solve this, make sure you turn it off between subjects and let it rest, and it will work just fine.