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Please add any problems you experience and their potential solutions as they come up. Chances are if you've been confused, someone else has been (or will be) too.

Problem: No matter which buttons you press the patient bed on the magnet refuses to move.
Potential Solution: There is a bumper bar on the front of the magnet that shuts down all movement if it gets pressed. It is designed as a safety feature, but is often oversensitive. To remedy the situation press the bumper bar twice and then press the movement reset button on the magnet control panel.

More information about Finger-Pinch Mechanism: Philips suggested the following steps to fix:

  1. Push the Finger-Pinch-Mechanism-plate firmly in place. This is the plastic plate right underneath where the table goes into the bore. This sits loosely in place, which it should, but it should be pushed all the way in.
  2. Push and hold both the red stop button and the palm button (right next to it). The table makes a sound, and the problem should be solved. Just pushing these two buttons without first fixing the Finger-Pinch-plate will usually not do the trick.

To avoid the problem altogether, watch out for the cords, and make sure the blanket or sheet is not hanging off the side of the table

Problem: The light above scanner is on. You're not sure why and you want to turn it off.
Potential Solution: In the scanner room on the right wall as you walk in the door is a red light switch. Don't be intimidated by the redness, that switch controls the light above the scanner.