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Extending Your AFS Token with Reauth

The reauth program can be used to give you extended AFS token lifetime.

What are AFS tokens?

AFS tokens provide you with authenticated access to the file system. An AFS token is given for a limited amount of time. On most of our systems you will automatically have an AFS token on login (supplied via a PAM module with OpenSSH).

What is reauth?

We have a simple program installed on most DBIC systems (Linux and Solaris) called reauth that will automatically get you a new AFS token before your current one expires. This will be essential if you use VNC since a VNC session without a token cannot be reconnected to (the password authentication routine needs to read a file in your home directory).

Using reauth

Open a terminal window (in FVWM and Fluxbox, right click and select a terminal application) and run the reauth program with two arguments. The first being the time (in seconds) for reauth to sleep before obtaining new tokens and the second is your AFS username.

[jed@purkinje jed]$ reauth 18000 jed

Checking to see if it is already running

You should not run more than one copy of reauth. Once you start reauth it will become a background process and wake up at the interval you set. To see if you already have a reauth running you should run the following command in a terminal window:

[jed@purkinje jed]$ pgrep -u jed reauth

If a number is returned that is the process id (PID) of the reauth program. You do not need to start another one.