Programming and Scanning a Protocol

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After you have populated the Current ExamCard frame with the pulse sequences, the icon next to the 'Scout' sequence, indicates that the sequence is ready for initiation. The subdued icons on all of the other pulse sequences below indicate that the sequences still need to be set up.

1.Click the 'Start Scan' button or press the F8 key on the keyboard to start the Scout.

Note The icon will change to an hourglass, indicating that the scan is starting.
Note Once the scan starts, the icon changes to a person and the progress of the scan shows as a light blue meter on the protocol being scanned.
Note Once a sequence is scanning, you can stop the scan by clicking the 'Stop Scan' button or typing the F12 key on the keyboard.
Note Upon completion of a scan, the icon changes to a check mark and the light blue meter bar turns to dark blue.

The scout images will appear in the viewer.

2.Double click the 'Sense Ref' pulse sequence.

Note The group of slices will appear on the scout images as red lines, you do not have to move these lines, simply click 'Proceed'.

3.Click the 'Start Scan' button or press the F8 key on the keyboard to start the Sense Ref scan. (The Sense Ref scan has no visible images.)

4.Double click the 'fMRI' pulse sequence to prepare for planning of the slices. Some labs will angle the group of slices, others may not tilt the slices. Either way, once the slices are positioned properly, click 'Proceed'.


5.Click the 'Start Scan' button or press the F8 key on the keyboard to start the fMRI scan.

6.The scanner will perform a pretuning sequence prior to the pulse sequence. Once the pre-tuning is done, the scanner will wait for the operator to begin the sequence, begin by typing the 'Enter' key, or clicking 'Proceed'.
Attention: Prior to starting the fMRI pulse sequence, start the IViewBold application for real-time viewing of the fMRI images.

Fmri ready.jpg

Please Note: Rarely, or sometimes not, at the start of a pulse sequence, the scanner will stop and an error will appear in the error log (lower right hand corner of the screen). Usually just copying, pasting, and restarting the pulse sequence will correct the error.

Rf power limit.jpg

7.Upon completion of an examination, the data must be exported to the server. From the main menu, select the System menu, then select the Advanced Tools option, then select the Research... option.


8.A dialog box will open, double click the dbimexp icon.


9.Click the 'Patient name' that you want to export so that the row is highlighted. Change the Export file name to the 'Patient name' next to the folder.


10.Click open the study folder, click open the exam subfolder, and click open the scan subfolder. A list of all the sequences scanned appears. Highlight the sequences that you wish to export. WARNING Do not send any Sense Ref scans!!!

Hint: If all of the sequences are highlighted, middle click the Sense Ref scan to deselect. Also if you are sending DTI data, the sort images box must be checked!!

11.Click the browse button and browse for the folder H:\export and click 'Ok', then click 'Proceed'. The word 'Ready' will change to 'Exporting'. When finished exporting data, the word 'Exporting' will change back to 'Ready'. Click the 'Exit' button to close the window.