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Connecting Presentation to the Lumina controller

Serial connections: Many modern laptops no longer come equipped with a serial port, it is therefore necessary to use a serial to USB converter. Many people at the DBIC use the following device [Keyspan High Speed Serial Adapter] in conjunction with a [male to female serial cable] to connect the Serial adapter to the port on the response box.

Setting mode and rate: In order to interface with Presentation over the serial link the Lumina controller mode must be changed to ASCII and the rate to 19200. The button to change modes and rates is at the back of the Lumina controller and is quite small, you may have to look for it the first time.

Cedrus Lumina LSC-400

Setting up Presentation: Follow the instructions at

Button mappings: Presentation reads in the response buttons and trigger as:

Button 1 - 49

Button 2 - 50

Button 3 - 51

Button 4 - 52

fMRI Trigger - 53

(NB: these are ASCII codes and not true numbers. ASCII code 49 corresponds to the number "1" and 50 to "2", etc.)