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The fMRI Brown Bag Series is an informal symposium series on topics concerning DBIC research and fMRI methods. Discussions are led by faculty, post-docs and graduate students and are a great way to learn more about imaging methods and advancements, as well as the ongoing research at DBIC.


Thanks to Bob Cox, Ziad Saad, and everyone who participated in the 2014 AFNI Workshop at Dartmouth (schedule).

Upcoming presentations

Past presentations

2015.06.05 - Sam Nastase: Functional parcellation of the cerebral cortex based on shared representational geometry

2015.04.23 - Jonathan Winawer (NYU; joint fBB/CBB): Spatial integration in the human visual pathways

2014.12.12 - Marc Coutanche (Yale University): Decoding conceptual and perceptual representations across networks of the human brain

2014.10.03 - Alex Schlegel: Multivariate methods for analyzing information sharing and transfer

2014.05.30 - Qing Yu: Forward modeling; Feilong Ma: Background connectivity (joint Shim lab presentation) (slides)

2014.04.25 - Sam Nastase: Design considerations for MVPA studies (slides)

2014.02.21 - Rob Chavez: DTI overview and practical considerations (slides)

2014.01.17 - Jeremy Huckins: Resting state analysis pipeline (slides)

2013.11.15 - Yu-Chien Wu: Field map correction (slides)

2011.04.20 - Yaroslav Halchenko: Searchlight analyses (slides)

2008.10.29 - Jed Dobson: fMRI data management

2008.10.15 - Jim Haxby, new DBIC director

2008.02.18 - Jim Haxby: Quality control in imaging

2007.10.08 - Craig Bennett: An overview of the DBIC collaboration wiki


The 2013-2014 fMRI Brown Bag series is being organized by Sam Nastase and Rob Chavez.

The 2007-2008 fMRI Brown Bag Series was organized by Caroline Davis.