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To aid recent efforts at MR data control we have installed a Linux workstation in the scanner control room. The system uses the normal AFS authorization, and an account is required. Once you have successfully logged into the system you can quickly copy a dataset from the scanner and convert to the local disk. Having this system in the control room will enable you to take a quick look at recently acquired subject data, convert, and run your preferred quality assurance suite.

To use the system please follow these instructions:

1) Export your data with the string "qatest" located in the subject identifier. For example, "25mar08JD" should be named "25mar08JDqatest." Datasets containing this string will *not* be automatically transferred to the inbox system and archived. If you wish to use your data after determining that it is acceptable, please export again without the string "qatest": "25mar08JD."

2) Create a directory for the input data:

mkdir /scratch/25mar08JDqatest

3) Now, copy from the scanner directory to the scratch directory:

cp /scanner/25mar08JDqatest* /scratch/25mar08JDqatest

4) Convert from the input directory you just created in "/scratch" to another in "/scratch":


5) When you are finished with the dataset you *must manually remove from the scanner*

rm /scanner/25mar08JDqatest*

All data in /scratch will be automatically removed after 48 hours. If your data passes your tests and you determine it be of high enough quality to use, please export again and allow the normal data transfer to happen. This process will result in the normal renaming and placement of datasets in the correct directory structure and will archive your data in the robotic tape library.

Scanner Data

The scanner disk is mounted on the Data Control Workstation as /scanner. All users have read/write access to this volume so please exercise caution when working within this directory. Files containing the string "qatest" will no longer be moved to the inbox system. You must manually manage these files, including copying and removing when you are done.

Scratch Directory

The Data Control Workstation has a reasonably large disk (~60G) available for QA testing. All users should be able to read and write to /scratch. Files that have resided on the disk for longer than 48 hours will automatically be removed. If you wish to preserve your data please export again without the "qatest" string in the subject identifier and convert from rolando.