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Creating a Personal or Lab website

All DBIC users can have a personal or lab website on the dbic.dartmouth.edu webserver. These websites are served to the Web from your AFS home directory and can be an easy way to share data, images, or documents with the world. To configure your home directory for web access you will need to create a directory for your documents and setup proper permissions for http access.

To create the directory, simple run the 'mkdir' command from your home directory on any system connected to our AFS cell, making sure specifying 'public_html'. This directory will be root directory for all of your documents.

mkdir ~/public_html

To give the webserver on dbic.dartmouth.edu access to your home directory you will need to first give the server permission to list the contents of your top-level home directory. The webserver is listed in an AFS 'protection server group' called 'dexter' and it will need to be able to list (l) this directory in order to find 'public_html'.

fs sa ~/ dexter l

Then, you will need to give the server permission to both list and read the contents of your 'public_html' directory:

fs sa ~/public_html dexter rl

This Access Control List (ACL) should be set prior to creating any additional directories or files in 'public_html'. This is because the permissions from the parent directory will be applied to subsequent directories created under the parent (in AFS ACLs are applied only to directories--there are not file-level permissions).

Once you've created the directory and set the permissions you should be able to access your home directory from the following URL: