A Brief Pictorial History of Our Magnet

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Any time a MRI machine is removed from a basement and then replaced with a newer, more powerful, and equally sizable magnet with the use of a crane and lots of hard hats, it's worth documenting. The good folks at the DBIC made sure to do just that, and below are some pictures of the installation of our wonderfully powerful Philips 3.0T MRI machine.

The back room before removal of the GE 1.5 magnet. Notice the removed floor tiles to expose the communications infrastructure.

Back-room before1.jpg

Another image of the old GE infrastructure. Back-room after1.jpg

Of course, that's just the guts of it all. Here comes the glamorous side.

First, the old scanner had to be removed. Basic tools include a crane and a big hole in the ground.

Scanner Rising1.JPG

DBIC scanner technician Tammy Moran with the new, not-quite-yet-assembled 3.0T Phillips scanner:

Tammy & New Scanner1.jpg

Almost there:

3T and Tammy1.jpg

Isn't she pretty:

Isnt She Pretty 2.1.jpg