Subject Screening Policies

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Download Subject Screening Policies as a .doc file (24 KB)

Although MR research is safe for most volunteers, there are certain subjects that MRI may pose unnecessary risk. Most contraindications that would rule out a subject involve metallic implants and foreign bodies. However, there are several other concerns of which investigators should be aware.

***NOTE*** If ANY question exists regarding a subject's MR compatibility you MUST contact Terry Sackett or the subject MUST NOT BE SCANNED!

Screening and Consent Forms:

In addition to screening subjects thoroughly before scheduling them for an MRI, everyone must fill out and sign all appropriate Consent and Screening Forms prior to entering the magnet room. In the rare case with a person accompanying the patient in the magnet room, the visitor must fill out and sign a screening form prior to entering the room.


  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Surgical aneurysm clips
  • Neurostimulator
  • Implanted pumps
  • Metal fragments in body or eyes
  • Injury to eyes involving metal
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin patches such as Contraceptive and Nicotine (rule out if subject cannot remove patch; foil WILL heat up)
  • Colored contact lenses should not be worn in scanner (there can be metal in the coloring)
  • Certain cochlear implants
  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Weight larger than 400lbs (also consider shoulder and chest size)

Conditions that Might Rule Out a Subject:

  • Metal rods, plates or screws in body or mouth
  • Previous surgery (if metal left in body)
  • IUD (most are OK, except Copper-7)
  • Hearing aid (should be removed before scanning)
  • Dentures (should be removed before scanning)
  • Prosthetic heart valve
  • Braces (causes severe frontal artifact; rule out for EPI)
  • Hair extensions (most are connected with wire, causes severe artifact)
  • Tattoos (ink can contain metal)

Other Considerations:

  • Claustrophobia
  • Physical discomfort (body size, back or neck pain, etc.)
  • Movement disorders (ticks, restless legs, etc., that may cause movement artifact)
  • Vision / Hearing problems
  • Problems using response devices

***If you have any doubts whether a subject is MRI compatible, DO NOT SCAN! Contact Terry Sackett for clearance.