Scheduling Magnet Time

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If you are interested in scheduling magnet time at the Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center, you need to have an approved protocol in advance. Email for further information. If you have an approved protocol please send your request for times to the same account. Prior to asking for time you should check the DBIC Oracle Calendar to see what times are available if at all possible. Instructions for accessing the calendar appear below. You must be on the Dartmouth network or using a VPN to access the calendar. Once your times are approved, they will appear almost immediately on that calendar. Responses to requests should happen in a timely fashion. If you haven't heard for a time (hours on a weekday), yell and scream.

Accessing Oracle Calendar

Use the Oracle Calendar Web Log In at:


  • For User ID type: DBIC Scanner
  • For Password type: PBSCCN06 (case sensitive)

The screen will look like this, but you are not yet viewing the DBIC calendar. This is just your access to the generic graduate student account.


Click on the 'View Agenda' icon :Cal3.jpg

Select the 'Resource search' button, type 'Moore' in the 'Search' box, and click on NewCalFind1.jpg (see below):


Choose 'Moore DBIC Scanner' and click NewCalView3.jpg (see below):


You are now able to view the DBIC Scanner schedule, but you are not able to schedule time. To schedule scanner time, please email

When you are done viewing the calendar, please click 'Logout' Cal6.jpg (top right corner of screen).

Calendar Viewing

Click on the following icons to select the calendar view you would like:

  • Day View Cal7.jpg
  • Week View Cal8.jpg
  • Month View Cal9.jpg

Navigating Through the Calendar

On the top, center part of the calendar, you will see the following navigating tools:


The center icon allows you to 'Select a Date to View' when you click on it Cal11.jpg

The arrows to the left and right will allow you to jump back of ahead of the current date by days, weeks, or months depending on which Calendar Viewing mode you have chosen (e.g., day, week, or month).