Goggle Sound System

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Audio Modes

There are four different audio modes. On the back of controller there are 4 audio jacks:

  • "IN," "OUT," "REC IN," and "REC OUT."
  • "IN" takes stimulus audio line-in from computer
  • "OUT" plays whatever is coming through "IN"
  • "OUT REC" plays whatever is spoken through the headset microphone
  • "IN REC" is a mystery

Volume Control

"IN" volume:

  • Keep computer volume relatively low (midway)
  • Use Patient Audio Volume control on remote interface (leftmost dial)

Note: The headset can play VERY VERY loud before subject puts on headset, so make sure patient audio level is at a minimum. Manually increase volume until you find suitable level.

"OUT" volume:

  • Use System Audio volume control on remote interface (second from right dial). This volume can also be controlled via any manual volume controls on your speakers.

"OUT REC" volume:

  • Use the patient mic volume dial on remote interface (2nd from left). Note: You have the option, of connecting RECOUT either to external speakers OR directly to a computer line-in. If directly connected to a computer, you will still be able to hear the microphone through the goggle speaker.

Experimenter's voice volume

  • Press "talk" and then adjust the leftmost dial. Again the experimenter's voice can be very very loud so it is best to start with this pretty low.

Note: Do not leave dangling audio cables! They can act as an antenna and damage the system.