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Download DBIC Research Policies as a .doc file (24 KB)

Scanner Suite Access

No one will be allowed scanner room access until they have completed MR training. MR training involves watching the safety videos, several hours of scanning with supervision, and passing a practical test on scanning, safety and emergency procedures.

MR Researchers

Everyone involved in running an experiment around the magnet is required to view the magnetic environment safety videos.

Scan Buddies

Anyone wishing to be a scan buddy MUST have watched the safety videos AND attended a safety class. They do not have to be MR trained.

MR Trained Users

Anyone wishing to have scanner suite access and operate the scanner and stimulus equipment must watch the safety videos, attend a safety class, attend console training sessions and pass a practical test once the person feels they are proficient in all scanning procedures.

Scanner Etiquette

Adherence to scanner etiquette policies will be enforced.

Scanner etiquette involves the following:

  • Safety: You are responsible for the safety of your volunteers. While you are scanning, you are responsible for making sure the scan room is a safe environment for your subjects. Follow guidelines that are taught in safety class. Please review screening forms prior to the scanning session. If any questions on the screening form are answered yes, it MUST be clear with Terry Sackett and ONLY Terry.
  • Courtesy: Do not remove any cables or equipment from the scanner suite that do not belong to you with out permission from the owner. Return any equipment changes to their original state. Do not leave random cables in the scan room (they cause artifacts).
  • Cleanliness - Keep the control room clean (throw away garbage, ear plugs, etc.). Pick up any loose cables or equipment (return to closet) when you are finished using them. Fold and put away linen, and cushions when finished using them. Place used linen and scrubs in the laundry basket in the changing room. Keep the scrub drawers organized and neat.
  • Responsibilities - As well as what was mentioned above, responsibilities also include filling out the log book (completely), filling out the screening forms (completely), backing up your data, and reporting any broken equipment to Terry. We realize that things break but we cannot help you or the people scanning after you if you do not tell us about broken or malfunctioning equipment.

Devices Brought Into The Scanner Room

All new devices, pieces of equipment (no matter how apparently benign) must be reviewed for their (1) safety for use in the scanner environment, (2) that their presence in the scanner room will not adversely affect the quality of image data, and (3) that they can be effectively and safely removed and stored. For instance, it is very important that all electrical equipment and cabling be shielded and kept as far from the magnetic field as possible. Just because something is shielded does not mean that it is not still magnetic. If any permanently mounted or installed equipment needs to be moved, please speak to Terry BEFORE moving it. Most equipment is where it is for a reason.

Our facility’s volume of scanning has increased tremendously over the past years. Therefore, these steps must be taken in order for our facility to continue to operate smoothly, efficiently and without incident.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.