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AFNI version AFNI_2007_05_29_1644 is installed into /afs/ for several platforms. Your platform will be automatically selected when you execute the AFNI binary ('afni).

** Version check disabled: AFNI_VERSION_CHECK forbids
GPL AFNI: Analysis of Functional NeuroImages, by RW Cox (
This is Version AFNI_2007_05_29_1644
[[Precompiled binary linux_gcc33_64: Aug  2 2007]]

 ** This software was designed to be used only for research purposes. **
 ** Clinical uses are not recommended, and have never been evaluated. **
 ** This software comes with no warranties of any kind whatsoever,    **
 ** and may not be useful for anything.  Use it at your own risk!     **
 ** If these terms are not acceptable, you aren't allowed to use AFNI.**
 ** See 'Define Datamode->Misc->License Info' for more details.       **

 **** If you DO find AFNI useful, please cite this paper:
      RW Cox. AFNI: Software for analysis and visualization of
      functional magnetic resonance neuroimages.
      Computers and Biomedical Research, 29:162-173, 1996.

Thanks go to R Desimone for much encouragement