Labs using the Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center

The Brain Engineering Laboratory: The Brain Engineering Laboratory combines research from neuroscience, computer science, and cognitive science to advance our understanding of how brains operate, as well as how they fail to operate in certain conditions (such as neurological diseases).

The Baird Lab: The Laboratory for Adolescent Studies at Dartmouth College.

Grafton Lab of Action: The Grafton Lab of Action

Brain Imaging Lab: The Brain Imaging Lab is located in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences (332 Moore Hall). Our lab applies both behavioral and brain imaging techniques to explore the process of memory formation in humans. A main focus of this work investigates how different kinds of information such as words (verbal) or unfamiliar faces (non-verbal) are encoded into long term memory.

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory for Language and Child Development: We are interested in the maturation of specific brain tissue that participates in language processing, its neural basis, and its capacity to reorganize (neurological plasticity).

Numerical Cognition Lab: We study how numerical and mathematical abilities develop from infancy onwards in typically and atypically developing children. We also investigate how numbers are represented in the human brain. Our primary objective is to conduct research that is educationally relevant.